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Honest advice for new and experienced real estate investors looking to buy their first investment property or home in Singapore or overseas. I use real estate investing formulas to find out if the property you are interested in purchasing will be an investment or a liability.

Free Real Estate Investing Report for your next Property Investment​

Buying your first investment property in Singapore? Use real estate investing formulas to determine if the property is going to be an investment or a liability.

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Why invest in Real Estate? ​

And How can I Help You?

Buying a property is one of the biggest ticket items in your life, and when chosen correctly, can be one of the most rewarding as well. Constantly used as a hedge against inflation and as a form of passive income when renting out, there’s also a capital gain appreciation opportunity that will benefit you when it’s time to retire. Here are the different ways I can assist you in your real estate investment journey.

Evaluating Real Estate investing Potential for your next Real Estate Purchase

Use actual real estate investing formulas to determine if the property you are about to buy will increase in value with capital gain appreciation as well as increasing rental yield or face stagnation in a market with almost no capital gain potential and decreasing rental yields.

Property Valuation Report

Currently own a property and want to know how much you can sell it for? Or looking for a property to move to and wondering how much will the banks value it? Get a realistic appraisal of the property so you know how much you can ask for or bargain with.

Buying your next home or planning to sell your house?

Partner with someone who is experienced in science-based negotiation skills for your property needs will help you earn or save tens of thousands for your property sales or purchase.

Already own an investment property and plan to rent it out?

Highly experienced in bringing in quality tenants and having multiple contacts with the necessary contractors for property maintenance that will reduce your headaches and stress often associated with property rental.

Professional Interior Photography, Videography and 360 Tours

Coming from a background as a photographer with close to 8 years of experience, having professional photos taken for your property often results in them getting sold 32% faster and often achieve higher selling prices than those taken with an handphone.

Actual Real Estate Investing Formulas Used

I use formulas used by real estate investing firms to evaluate investment opportunities between properties

Income Capitalisation Rate

It’s the ratio of a property’s Net Operating Income (NOI) to its current market value, expressed as a percentage.

We use this to compare properties in the vicinity to find out which property is a better investment.

Higher value is better.

Gross Rent Multiplier

It indicates how many years it would take for the property to pay for itself based on gross rental income.

We use this to compare properties in the vicinity to find out which property is a better investment.

Lower value is better.

Time Value of Money

Time Value of Money (TVM) is a concept that a sum of money has a different value today compared to its value in the future.

This formula is used to find out how much a similar sized new property should be worth when all we have only are the values of older properties

Annual Growth Rate

The annual growth rate is a measure used in real estate investing to quantify the rate at which a specific variable, such as property value or rental income, is increasing or decreasing on an annual basis.

We need this to know the annual growth rate of the district and the property’s vicinity as well to see if it’s growing healthily or facing stagnation.

Net Operating Income

Net Operating Income (NOI) represents the total income generated by a property minus the operating expenses.

Used in conjunction with the Income Capitalisation Rate, it’s also useful on it’s own to compare different properties to find the best investment

Higher value is better

Rental Yield

Rental Yield is a common indicator that shows you how much money you are earning from your investment property as a percentage of its value,

We use this to compare properties in the vicinity to find out which property is a better investment.

Higher Value is better.

I Deliver Honest
Analysis Backed with Numbers

Sometimes the numbers don’t work out. And I tell it as it is. Work with a real estate consultant who doesn’t mince his words and tells you the truth on whether your next real estate investment purchase is truly an investment or just another dud.

Profitable and Unprofitable Properties Case Studies

Using real estate investing formulas, we can find properties that can profit from capital gain and good rental yields and avoid the bad investments

Latest Reviews on New Launches

Looking at buying a New Launch? Read on to find out which ones have investment potential and which ones you should avoid.

Real Estate Investing

How to start using Real Estate Investing Formulas for your Next Property Purchase


Out of 5

What My Clients Say​


Best real estate consultant ever​

I am a first-time buyer, and like all new buyers, myself included and probably a lot of you, will be teemed and faced with seemingly overwhelming challenges and inept understanding on our Singapore property market trends. Even the most experienced preparer may require to face the music at some point, needing some form of advice or assistance of that sort. And not to mention the unprecedented wide-range of processes that come along with it upon, during and after, from plentiful viewings up until the option to purchase (OTP).

Working with Eugene has been very delightful and he is the most professional Real Estate agent I’ve ever come across here in Singapore. Sharing with him my woes – financially, future market growth over time, he took in every piece of information, putting it on the drawing block, and ultimately coming out with a budget with 3 shortlisted new launches in my area of interest, detailing my requirements and the criteria that come along with each option. He even went above and beyond, extend out, and suggesting a few more launches that I may not have considered before and rationalised the advantages and disadvantages behind each option, clarity was given so that I know what to expect if I were to jump in and make a decision. And all of the calculation on the potential growth of the property capital was done carefully in a conscientious effort yet fast and well.
Besides, Eugene has a good trait of understanding the URA Masterplan for the different launches and concertedly rationalized, justified and presented to me the applicability of the plan to the launches I am interested in.

I am thankful to have met Eugene and I’m glad he represented me in buying my very first property. And if not for Eugene I would have been stupefied by the many new launches in Singapore and at most grasping at straws not knowing how to get started. I’ve learnt a great lot of things from Eugene throughout the entire process. One takeaway is that an expensive launch doesn’t necessary gives you high capital growth.

I highly recommend Eugene. He is very ethical, showing you both sides of the coin of a property, attending to your needs yet providing sound and logical advice. It can be weary to meet agents who only influence buyers with raining persuasive skills, presenting only the good points of a property. Let’s be honest, unless living in an ideal world, there’s bound to have negativity small or large. Eugene knows what he is doing and you will be in his good hands from inception up till seeing the purchasing of the property’s denouement.
Good luck with your property ☺

Melvyn Xiao


Best real estate consultant ever​

Eugene was very professional in helping me with my home purchase. It was a long search and Eugene constantly emphasized on the suitability, and was not rushing me to get just any property. I never feel pressured at any point of time. He gave sound advices and was knowledgeable about his recommendations. He placed my interests and concerns in the first place, which was reassuring that this is someone I could trust, unlike others who might just want to close the deal.

Eugene had also constantly kept me updated about the property market and possible options for my decision making. He also showed figures from past transactions and estimated projection of the future value of the property, which I felt these calculations was a value-adding point. Through this whole journey, it was a fruitful and knowledge-gaining one. I am thankful for the patience and help from Eugene, who had to deal with all sorts of random questions from me, and still providing the answers to them.

Jay Yee


Working with Eugene was our smartest decision​

In this industry, we came across many agents who are only after their own self-interests but couldn’t care less for their clients. But Eugene is one of those rare gems who really care for your interests and helps you with the process. We are first time buyers and as you can imagine we had tons of questions and we were a bit unsure of which type of property to purchase.

That’s when Eugene insights become powerful. He is patient by addressing all your questions and finds the right properties for you supported by numbers. He is a numbers guy and he helps you to view the future potential of the house which is unique in this industry and that’s the value he brought to us when compared to others. We saw the places for almost a year. Yes, almost a year and he was ever patient like Day 1 and finally, we bought the property we wanted and Huge Thanks to Eugene for it!



Working with a real estate consultant turned out to
be very profitable for me

Eugene is the kind of the agent that willing to go extra mile to help the client. He patiently understand my requirements on the unit and explained the policies and procedures and even the pros and cons that might concern me. He also ensure everything followed up on time and kept me updated on the progress. Even it is after working hour, he is still helping on my queries as much as he can. If you need a properly agent, I can assure you he is the right guy you need.

Victor Koon


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