Home Inspection Checklist

For the last 5 years working as a real estate agent, I’ve provided this continuously updated Home Inspection Checklist for Home Buyers, Landlords, and Tenants, a list of questions to ask as well as inspect when buying or moving into a new home to prevent any surprises.

For Buyers

As a buyer, having such a checklist will make sure you have not forgotten to ask the important questions that are not necessarily defects in nature. (e.g., if the neighbours are pleasant, if there are loan sharks targeting this particular unit, or if this particular unit is affected by the east or west sun). You can also use it as a bargaining chip for a more favourable price for your new home.

For Landlords

This checklist can be used for inspection after the tenancy agreement ends and also includes a handover and takeover report, which indicate the repairs that need to be done as well as the proof of return of deposit to the tenants.

For Tenants

If you are a tenant, it provides you with a list for your landlord to rectify or note before moving in as a tenant and the things to look out for in the following areas:

The Doors and Gates
Kitchen and Service Yard
Ceiling, Walls and Floors
Master Bedroom and Bathroom
Common Bedroom(s) and Bathroom(s)

An example page can be found here

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