Recognised as Top 20% in 2023

In this tough real estate industry where there’s always a constant need to rebrand ourselves so we always appear at the top of our clients mind as the preferred realtor of choice, I’m proud to present that I’ve been recognised as an ERA’s 2023 Top 20% Achiever!

I want to thank my clients (past, present and future) for giving me the opportunity to represent you in the purchase, sales and leasing of your residential property (HDB or Private).

Here are some of the more notable achievements I achieved in 2023



HDB Residential Property

  • Closed highest sales transaction representing seller at S$705,000 for the year 2023. The unit was tough because the last renovation was done 20 years ago. The buyers viewing were only prepared to pay S$640,000 at that time. Negotiation made it possible to reach S$705,000.
  • Closed highest sales transaction representing seller at S$685,000 for the year 2023. The record still hasn’t been beaten yet. Buyers were only willing to buy at S$610,000. Unit was lower floor and also not renovated since the 2000s. Again, negotiations made it possible to reach S$685,000.

Condo Private Residential Property

  • Achieved capital gain appreciation of a 2 + 1 Bedroom resale condo of 5.65% in one year by using real estate investing formulas.
    Jan 2023: S$1,240,000
    Feb 2024: S$1,310,000
    Capital Gain: S$70,000 in 12 months

This was after I advised them to reject the first 2 units they had shortlisted because the real estate investing formulas didn’t make sense at the asking prices.

Ang Mo Kio

HDB Residential Property

  • Achieved sales transaction record of S$418,000 for a 44 year old 3NG HDB unit. 2 months later, another similar unit closed on the same block at S$368,000. (12.72% Difference or a drop of 50K in valuation)


Exceeded clients expectations of rent for the following locations

Keppel Bay

4 Bedroom (1,6XX sqft) – Private Residential Property

  • Achieved highest record of rent of S$11,500/Month which still stands. Last ten transaction records range between S$7,500/Month – S$9,600/Month.

Punggol – HDB Residential Property

  • Closed transacted rent of S$3,200 (Record still standing) when the previous transactions were at the S$2,000 mark and the landlord was prepared to close at S$2,400.


  • Closed transacted rent of S$3,700 when landlord was prepared to close at S$3,200.

As the saying goes, “Past performance does not guarantee future results” and I have to acknowledge the timing in the real estate cycle and the element of luck as well. But we also know that hard work creates the conditions for luck to flourish.

If you are a seller looking to sell your property to buyers,

  • 20% will buy it without any questions. If your property is in a good location, near good schools, nice floor and unit number, good fengshui and <5 years renovation.
  • 20% will never buy it at whatever price you are asking. Simply because they don’t have the budget for it if they have to include renovation amongst other reasons (far from good schools, lack of amenities or public transportation).
  • It’s the 60% of the buyers where you need someone well-versed in the art of sales and negotiation to make your property sell at the best possible price.

So if you are looking to buy, sell or rent out your property in the year 2024. Here’s what I can offer to help you in your real estate journey


  • Analyse and shortlist for you, properties that are actually worth buying and have a higher potential of capital gain appreciation. We need to avoid the duds especially at where we are in the real estate cycle.
  • Assist in your home loan application (I have representatives of different major banks that can help you get the best interest rate for your next property)
  • Inspection of your home using the Home Inspection checklist I use for all my buyers, to make sure you are getting a fair value at the price you are paying for so you can avoid unnecessary renovation costs.

Selling and Renting out of your Property

  • Professional Photography, 360 Home Tour, Floor plan and Videography designed to bring out the house in the best possible light. No, I’m not going to use an Iphone to take photos of your house and yes I do have professional experience as a photographer.
  • Home Valuation Report so you will know the current value of your house and then advice on, if it’s possible, how we can work together to achieve the selling price you are asking for
  • Negotiation and Sales Techniques, where I will ask the necessary questions to the potential buyers and tenants and based on their answers, frame your house as the perfect house for them to move into at the price you are asking for. It’s not going to be just an “open door and see for yourself” viewing for your potential buyers and tenants. I’m not that kind of agent.

Interested? Send me a message below!

Looking forward to helping you purchase your next real estate property in Singapore!

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