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A not-so-brief write up on what I’m offering you as your chosen Real Estate Agent and why choosing me to represent you in Real Estate would be a good decision. I hope that after reading this, you will have a better idea of what to expect when I represent you in buying or selling your residential property.

If you are not in the market to buy or sell your property yet, please introduce me to your friends and family and let them know who I am and what I stand for, especially in this competitive real estate market. I would be immensely grateful for your help

I deal mainly with 3 sectors of Real Estate in the Singapore market. New Launches, Purchasing and Selling of both private properties and HDBs.

For people looking into new launches

Never has there been a better time to get into new launches due to the fact that

  1. The bank interest rates for home loan has gone below 2%. These are the special rates bank employees are usually paying for working with their banks. A lower bank rate gives you a higher margin for error which with proper calculations and research, leads to a higher percentage of capital gain from your property for you.
  2. What you are paying for your new home is going to be covered, mostly if not all, by CPF (for an average income of 6K for a 800K 1 room new launch) for the months and years in stages leading to the completion of your new home. Compared to someone who has purchased a resale property, he/ she has to immediately pay the full amount of the monthly loan the moment he takes over the house.
  3. History has shown that the real estate market has weathered similar virus outbreaks like the SARs and H1N1 with remarkable resilience. Real estate market has always been proven to be a hedge against inflation with the typical graph for a real estate market always being a series of dips and rises trending upwards and I believe it will be the same for now and the future. Especially in the Singapore property market.

If you are

  • single or married
  • looking for your first home
  • earn an average monthly income of 6k and above
  • with little to no debt
  • who is convinced that real estate is one of the more reputable ways to increase your wealth (because it’s hard to convince the inconvincible)

You are in the best position to take advantage of all the benefits of owning a new launch condo. Come, let’s have a chat. Let me introduce you to the world of using real estate investing calculations and research for your property in Singapore and how it can benefit you, either as a new homeowner, or a budding real estate investor in choosing a property that is in line with your wealth goals. It’s time to treat your property like an asset it should be. Not a liability.

For buying and selling of Private Properties

For Buyers

I understand that new launches are not for everybody. For some people, the family comes first before the need for a real estate investment vehicle. Resale private properties are still a good option for people who fall into this category. Because I belong to a really tech savvy group of Real Estate agents #gogalaxy, I have a database of properties in Singapore now which are currently on the market which I can provide you in a second (or maybe in a minute), the type of property you are looking for, with the budget you are looking at at a location which is the most important to you.

The real estate investing formulas still applies and are actually made for properties like these with the rent transactions readily available. With these calculations and the URA Masterplans, we can work together and choose a property which is at a fair price and still have potential for growth. It probably will not earn as much as a new launch condo but the calculations will be more accurate and if you are planning to stay there, at least for the next 10 – 20 years, for your kids, for your family and are able to afford the mortgage, I say you are looking at a good position to profit from the purchase. Oh yeah, don’t forget the enbloc possibilities!

For Sellers

I work as a professional wedding photographer (still shooting) and because of that, I have the equipment and technical know-how on how to present your home in the best light (natural or with artificial lights). Believe me, photographing homes is much more easier than photographing people 🙂

Professional photos of your house for rent or sale will stand your listing out from the other mediocre photos you see in real estate websites like property guru and Statistics studies have shown that with better images, you can expect the following

  • Your house gets sold or rented out 32% faster
  • A listing with more photos gets sold or rented out in half the time
  • A listing with better photos gets sold for 3 thousand to 10 thousand dollars more

I also do copywriting. If you’ve not heard of copywriting, its the structure and flow of words in an advertisement that will cause you to click on the ‘Buy now’ button on any website or taking out your wallet and paying for the next ‘Must-Have Thing’. It’s also probably the reason why you are still reading this. I will work with you and write to bring out the best points of your property.

I can’t promise you that you will definitely get the price you want to sell at because a lot of it depends on the market, the timing and how popular your home location is. But with these two skills I have, I can promise you that more prospects will be knocking on your door to take a look at your property, giving you more offers which will usually lead to better prices!

For the buying and selling of HDB properties

A lot of what was said for the buying and selling of private properties will hold true for HDB properties too. Although the chances of capital gain will not improve the longer you own a HDB, I can understand that there are people who are not so concerned due to their own personal reasons.

So what would be the most important for HDB properties would be to buy at the correct price, to know and accept the growth rate of the current HDB you are purchasing or to sell your HDB price at the highest price your market will allow.

For buyers of HDBs

You don’t want to be at the mercy of owners who are wildly optimistic about the value of their private properties.

For HDBs, the valuator will come only later, after the option to purchase has been has been agreed on and exercised. What you want to avoid is paying the dreaded COV (Cash over Valuation) due to the owner’s opportunistic valuation of his own property. This is the money you cannot use the bank or HDB loan for and can be an additional burden to you if it is not prepared for in advance.

With help using the real estate investing formulas to value the current HDB property as well as the home valuation report prepared by Urbanzoom and ERA, we will have a more realistic value of the HDB you are intending to purchase. You will know how much you are paying over valuation and you can decide for yourself whether this extra is worth it.

And this is why you want someone to represent you as a buyer. Not just to be beside you when you sign the documents

For Sellers of HDB Properties

Same for selling private properties. You want the best price for the HDB you are selling and I have all the necessary skills to make sure it happens.


There you have it. A not-so-brief list of the value-added services of what I can offer you as a Real Estate Agent. If you have any further questions or need any further clarifications, do feel free to drop me a text below via the contact form or the Whatsapp button on the bottom right corner, I would be happy to assist. Let’s talk soon!

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