New Launch Condo Report

Contrary to what all the agents in the show flats of the new launches will tell you, not all new launches condos are good enough for investment. Not if you are looking to buy during the launch period and cashing out by T.O.P.

Don’t believe me? Check out the articles on new launches that lost money by searching google with the keywords ‘new launches that lost money’

Sure, if they can sell it now, they will probably sell it at a higher price than how much they bought it at. But most probably the time taken to reach the value they are able to sell it, for now, is too long, or that the calculated growth rate of that area is most likely not what was promised to them on the show flat but even lesser than the bank loan interest rate they are loaning from.

Hi! My name is Eugene and I’m a Marketing Director for ERA. I’m on a mission to show you the truth on whether or not you should buy the next new launch condo based on actual real estate investing formulas, calculations and research.

Real Estate Investing Books, Formulas and Calculations are what I use to determine if your next property can be an asset or not

I’m not going to tell how rosy the market outlook is when it’s not. I’m not just going to tell you the growth rate of the condo will be 5% when actually it’s less than 2%. I’m not going to tell you that all properties will make you money in the time you need (although on a long enough timeline with a properly chosen property and a mortgage that you can pay comfortably whether there’s a recession or not, it usually increases)

I’m here to show you how much value you are getting for the new launch you are eyeing. I will tell you at what price will the new launch be worth it to buy because it’s undervalued and when it is being over-priced by the developer. I will read and explain to you the URA’s Masterplan for this new condo and how it will affect your capital gain potential for your property. All in a language simple enough for you to understand.

You’ve worked hard for your money and the next private property you are planning to buy is probably going to be one of the biggest investments in your life. Let’s treat your home like an asset it should be and not a liability. Check out an article I did on how I use the exact same formulas to calculate how Queens Peak condo which was sold at close to 1.43M in 2016 can be worth 1.9M in 5 – 8 years time.

Let’s work together and get invested in a private property you will be proud of owning. Now tell me. What property are you looking at?

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