Your Home Report from SRX, 99co, Edgeprop and UrbanZoom

Before selling your house, there is some information you need to know before you can decide how much you want to sell or rent your home. Things like

  • The current estimated value of your house
  • How much are your neighbours at your address selling or renting
  • How much are the people at your neighbourhood selling or renting
  • Depending on the price you are selling, how long are you expected to wait before there’s a possibility of selling your property at this price
  • The latest transactional sales price of the houses around your address and the trend
  • The latest rental price of the houses around your address and the trend

All of these are listed to give you a good gauge of how much you can rent or list your house or if you are intending to buy or rent in that location.

As a member of these 4 property listing websites, I am able to provide you with a no-obligation report of your home with the information listed above and more.

Naturally, there are other factors involved in adding or reducing the value of your house and this is where Datacrunch Real Estate can give you a better estimate of your current house worth

  • The date of the latest renovation
  • The pictures and videos your agent takes (Good photography and videography helps)
  • The way your agent writes your copy (Good copywriting helps more)

Don’t worry if these reports looks too complicated. It’s my job to simplify it for you. Interested to find out more about the worth of your new home? Or looking to sell one currently? Fill up the form below and let me help you

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