Selling Your Home


If you are planning to sell your home, your goal is to sell it at the highest price. And for that to happen, you want your home to be advertised in as many real estate listing websites, presenting your home to as many eyes as possible.

To accomplish this, listing at the top four websites in Singapore to sell your home is the first step you should take. I am a member of four of the largest real estate listings websites in Singapore.

Real Estate Photography

I work as a professional wedding photographer (still shooting) and because of that, I have the equipment and technical know-how on how to present your home in the best light (natural or with artificial lights). Believe me, photographing homes is much easier than photographing people 🙂

Professional photos of your house for rent or sale will stand your listing out from the other mediocre photos you see in real estate websites like property guru and Statistics studies have shown that with better images, you can expect the following

  • Your house gets sold or rented out 32% faster
  • A listing with more photos gets sold or rented out in half the time
  • A listing with better photos gets sold for 3 thousand to 10 thousand dollars more

Real Estate Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours of your home have a way of making your home come alive for your prospective buyers. It also separates the ‘just viewing’ buyers from the actual serious buyers.

Having a virtual tour first means that only the very serious buyers will come to schedule a viewing appointment with you. Saving you time because you have much better things to do then keep your house open for people who are just interested to look.

Send me a WhatsApp or message for a preview of a virtual tour I have made for past clients.


I also do copywriting. If you’ve not heard of copywriting, its the structure and flow of words in an advertisement that will cause you to click on the ‘Buy now’ button on any website or taking out your wallet and paying for the next ‘Must-Have Thing’. It’s also probably the reason why you are still reading this. I will work with you and write to bring out the best points of your property.

I can’t promise you that you will definitely get the price you want to sell at because a lot of it depends on the market, the timing, how popular your home location is, and the condition of your home itself. But with these multiple skills that I have and that I can list your home on the top four most important real estate property listing websites in Singapore, I can promise you that more prospects will be knocking on your door to take a look at your property, giving you more offers which will usually lead to better prices!

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