New Launches

Never has there been a better time to get into new launches due to the fact that

  1. The bank interest rates for home loan has gone below 2%. These are the special rates bank employees are usually paying for working with their banks. A lower bank rate gives you a higher margin for error which with proper calculations and research, leads to a higher percentage of capital gain from your property for you.
  2. What you are paying for your new home is going to be covered, mostly if not all, by CPF (for an average income of 6K for a 800K 1 room new launch) for the months and years in stages leading to the completion of your new home. Compared to someone who has purchased a resale property, he/ she has to immediately pay the full amount of the monthly loan the moment he takes over the house.
  3. History has shown that the real estate market has weathered similar virus outbreaks like the SARs and H1N1 with remarkable resilience. Real estate market has always been proven to be a hedge against inflation with the typical graph for a real estate market always being a series of dips and rises trending upwards and I believe it will be the same for now and the future. Especially in the Singapore property market.

If you are

  • single or married
  • looking for your first home
  • earn an average monthly income of 6k and above
  • with little to no debt
  • who is convinced that real estate is one of the more reputable ways to increase your wealth (because it’s hard to convince the inconvincible)

You are in the best position to take advantage of all the benefits of owning a new launch condo. Come, let’s meet up and have a chat. Let me introduce you to the world of using real estate investing calculations and research for your property in Singapore and how it can benefit you, either as a new homeowner, or a budding real estate investor in choosing a property that is in line with your wealth goals.

It’s time to treat your property like an asset it should be. Not a liability.

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