Buying a Resale Home

For buying of Private Properties

I understand that new launches are not for everybody. For some people, the family comes first before the need for a real estate investment vehicle. Resale private properties are still a good option for people who fall into this category. Because I belong to a really tech savvy group of Real Estate agents #gogalaxy, I have a database of properties in Singapore now which are currently on the market which I can provide you in a second (or maybe in a minute), the type of property you are looking for, with the budget you are looking at at a location which is the most important to you.

The real estate investing formulas still applies and are actually made for properties like these with the rent transactions readily available. With these calculations and the URA Masterplans, we can work together and choose a property which is at a fair price and still have potential for growth. It probably will not earn as much as a new launch condo but the calculations will be more accurate and if you are planning to stay there, at least for the next 10 – 20 years, for your kids, for your family and are able to afford the mortgage, I say you are looking at a good position to profit from the purchase. Oh yeah, don’t forget the enbloc possibilities!

For Buying of HDB Properties

You don’t want to be at the mercy of owners who are wildly optimistic about the value of their private properties.

For HDBs, the valuator will come only later, after the option to purchase has been has been agreed on and exercised. What you want to avoid is paying the dreaded COV (Cash over Valuation) due to the owner’s opportunistic valuation of his own property. This is the money you cannot use the bank or HDB loan for and can be an additional burden to you if it is not prepared for in advance.

With help using the real estate investing formulas to value the current HDB property as well as the home valuation reports prepared by Urbanzoom, SRX, 99co and Edgeprop, we will have a more realistic value of the HDB you are intending to purchase. You will know how much you are paying over valuation and you can decide for yourself whether this extra is worth it.

And this is why you want someone to represent you as a buyer. Not just to be beside you when you sign the documents

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